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Benefits Of Cooking With Coconut Oil

When was the last time you had some coconut? Usually we get coconut dried, shaved, and of course covering a cream pie. We eat it in cookies or candy bars. Unfortunately all of these dishes just use the dried flesh of this tropical nut, which causes us to miss out on the best part, the oil. Coconut oil was once commonly used in cooking, but has been replaced by oils containing unsaturated fats. Here are some of the benefits of cooking with coconut oil. They may just be enough to send you to the grocery store in search of this oil.

Coconut oil lowers cholesterol. Most saturated fats will cause your bad cholesterol to raise. This is the primary reason why coconut oil, which is mostly saturated fats, has been used less in cooking. Recent studies have shown that coconut oil helps our body metabolize cholesterol faster. This results in lower overall cholesterol levels. People who use coconut oil as their primary cooking oil and then stop, have been show to have higher cholesterol levels after switching to a different oil.

Coconut Oil is a fountain of youth. Coconut oil lowers cholesterol because it stimulates the thyroid gland. When the thyroid works properly, it uses cholesterol to make chemicals that are vital for preventing disease and also slow down the aging process.

Coconut Oil may help you lose weight.  As noted above, coconut oil helps improve thyroid function. A thyroid that isn't working properly is one of the main causes of obesity. Cultures that use coconut oil for cooking have a lower rate of obesity.

Coconut Oil can prevent cancer. Healthy thyroid function has also been linked to reduced cancer risks. Studies have shown the occurrence of cancer to be lower, and in some cases nonexistent in areas that rely on saturated oils. They have also shown that the number of cancer cases increases with the addition of unsaturated oils to the diet.

Coconut Oil prevents infections. Coconut oil contains 40% lauric acid. This is a fatty acid that is also found in breast milk. The body converts it into a substance that fights bacterial, viral, and protozoal infection in infants. Providing your body with these chemicals improves your immune system and you get sick less often.

Coconut Oil has been used for centuries. Coconut oil has been used in tropical areas and even modern cultures for many years. Only recently have people started switching to unsaturated oils for cooking. This has mostly happened in the western world, were obesity, high blood pressure, cancer, and other problems have increased. Cultures that still use coconut oil in their cooking have fewer of these problems.

As you can see, switching to coconut oil for cooking can be quite beneficial. It can help you live longer, and look and feel better. So why not go buy some coconut oil today?

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