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Healthy Eating On The Go

When you are on the go, either running your daily errands, or on a road trip, eating healthy isn’t always easy. It is just so convenient to stop at your favorite fast food joint to pick up a burger, some fries and a soda and call it lunch. Not exactly what I would call health food. But there are quite a few options if you want to eat healthy while you are on the go.

Snack Before You Leave

If you are getting ready to run errands, eat a healthy snack before you leave. You will be less tempted to stop for a quick burger or to pick up a bag of chips and a soda at the convenience store. Eat a piece of fruit, a yogurt, or even a handful of trail mix before you walk out the door.

Healthy Option – Grocery Store

While you are on the road, you should be able to find a grocery store close by. Grab some fresh fruit, or veggie tray for a healthy snack. Many stores these days also offer deli sandwiches and freshly prepared salads to go. Add a bottle of water and lunch is served.

Healthy Option – Fast Food Places

Much of the food that’s served in fast food restaurants isn’t exactly what I would call healthy. But by making smart choices, you can eat healthy. Opt for grilled chicken sandwiches and skip the mayonnaise. Most of the big chains offer salads as well as side salads on their menu. Opt for a low fat dressing and skip the soda for a healthy fast food meal.

My favorite healthy fast food place is Subway. Stick with whole wheat bread, and one of the sandwiches with 6 grams of fat or less. Skip the mayonnaise and pile on the veggies.

Keep An Emergency Stash

Keep an emergency stack of healthy snacks in your purse, your desk at work and your car for those moments when you are really hungry and there just isn’t a place around to pick up some healthy food. I like to keep some trail mix, granola or protein bars and some dried fruit around. It gives me something to nibble on until I can get home.

With a little bit of planning and making smart choices, you can eat healthy on the go. You may also want to carry some water with you at all times to make sure you stay hydrated. As an added benefit of eating healthy on the go, you won’t be weighted down by all that fatty food for the rest of your trip.


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